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Relationship Online Program - SHIFT Communication

Learn tips to transform your relationship, without stepping inside the therapy room,
with experienced couples therapist and clinical psychologist Dr Katie Stirling.
Shift Communication focuses on enhancing communication through a range of skills and strategies so both you and your partner feel heard and understood.

SHIFT Communication includes 3 Modules:

1.  The Physiology of Conflict.  Couples will learn how to support each other to slow down, step back from the escalation and regain a sense of calm and care in their communication. In order to begin changing our relationship communication it’s important to understand what happens during conflict from a physiological perspective. One of the things that we now understand from research is that couples often go into a state of physiological arousal when in conflict. Learn important strategies to physiologically self soothe and de-escalate conflict so that you can enhance understanding with effective communication. 

2. The 4 Horseman. Learn how to identify and eliminate 4 of the most common communication traps couples fall into. Based on decades of research Drs John and Julie Gottman have identified tried and tested antidotes for each of the 4 horseman. Learn more about how to identify the 4 horseman and use each of their antidotes to shift patterns of communication in your relationship, so you can begin communicating in a way that you both feel heard and understood.

3. The Art of Perspective-Taking. As humans one of our deepest needs is to feel understood by our partner. Feeling heard and understood is fundamental to our relationship, but many of us find it difficult to either communicate in a way our partner can hear us or to be able to hear and validate our partner in the way they need us to.  In this module you will learn important skills and strategies to shift communication so you feel like your partner truely understands your experience. 

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